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funston so gusty, but this sim -- system was a fast moving one. next system tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. light showers head of the storm in the north bay. move very much at noon time, it's in the north bay. by 5:00 p.m. we'll see rain along the coast. heaviest focus in the north bay but getting heavier. rainfall totals look compressive going into the weekend. we'll take a look at that in just a few minute autos a nasty morning turned into a very pleasant, dry evening around the bay area this, is a live picture looking towards san francisco from our camera. laura anthony begins on the impact. she's rif in sonoma county this evening. laura? >> hi, dan, it's been a wet morning turned into a beautiful afternoon and evening. i'm here in petta luma. folks here using this break between systems that is to gather up sandbags. most people here today have
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had experience with homes and their businesses flooding before. first sis till rolled through and left signsoc[x behind. like here, along occidental, camp meeker road. the fire department had to come out and clear tree autos we had a couple trees coming down. the storm started getting ground dirty. and wet. and they fall. we get out here and pick them up, every time.a6ld >> heavy rain didn't cause a lot of problems but did produce minor flooding like here. a common trouble spot in the winter. downtown, residents loaded up some sandbags to protect property. next series of systems steps up off the northern california coast. >> in the past 15 years, at
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least two, three times the building has gone underwater. >> try toss get 50 back. >> why? >> there are many doors around the building. just a different number will not be enough. >> a large numberr?=p of carps -- tarps went out of the door. >> waiting for the storm. and then, everybody wants to jump on it. >> the store manager thinks dry weather last year left people unprepared for the start of the rainy season. >> we prepared ourselves for it. we knew this storm was coming. >> so near downtown, folks stocking up using breaks in weather to get that done. couple other storm-related notes here, for a time this morning about 700 customers in
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sebastapol were without power and twice the number of weather-related accidents today. now, for south parrin county abc 7 news lyanne melendez. >> you know, laura, i got so wet this morning that i have to tell you i welcome little breaks in weather. i'm at the mancinita park and ride lot. the sign tells you high tide flooding and there is a lot of flooding here today. marin county got a soaking this morning. storm drains had to be cleared. few areas experienced heavy flooding. the heavy6v@ñ winds damaged some homes here. >> we need rain. you know? but don't need this at once. >> it will seem that way in next few days and this weekend. a number of storms make their way to the bay area. some local creeks could
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threaten areas with a creek @,&9,ten areas with a creek there have been several naijor floods we've had the barber shop there since 1945. >> here is the marker. had i been there, water would have come up to my waist. this business owner remember autos we had water up to seven years ago. i don't want to go through that again. >> and nothing like the flood businesses now have flood gates looking if place to keep water out. today a few had sandbags. this rain is bad for some local businesses. >> especially for us, retailers that don't have that many customers coming in. >> the marin county department will have crews on stand by.
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main concern is for fallen tree because of the stat sath traited grounds. >> most crews are on call. anything coming up in 24 hours, truck goes out as well as central southern and northern marin. >> and you can stay in touch with the department of public works throughout the web site. i got an e mail from them, reporting wind gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour. >> more coming. thank you very much. part of the great highway is shut down. strong winds sent sand blowing across the road. the city decided conditions were too dangerous to keep traffic flowing. they have not said when this will be open again. >> rain made for sloppy driving in the south bay. drivers sent the water spraying across the roadway. a similar scene on roads throughout the coast.
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we're live where weather it d the temperatures here at the summit dropped about 10 degrees. there is no rain and the fog is nothing like this morning when you couldn't see headline lights or cars. the fog and rain was so treacherous, some drivers decided to wait1xg it out. >> this is anything like this on the hillside especially. >> chp trying to minimize problems by running traffic breaks. >> hydroplaning can result from braking too fast. >> on highway 9 it couldn't get slower, wild weather knocked a tree into a power line and downed wires backed up cars for miles. >> prediction, today is the
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light day. so this is to be in trouble. >> only pg&e could restore power leaving businesses in the dark. >> we didn't have a terrific panic but a thought. what is going to happen now? >> tony didn't get the blow dry she was expecting. some businesses benefited from this issue like the drive in restaurant on this summit. >> the accident happen, do happen. and ]0go when the freeway backs, people have to where to go. they get what they want to eat and drink. >> rivers like this one are not close to flooding and seems most people are prepared to welcome the return. >> we've got gutters cleaned
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and storm drains cleared now deciding to go to the movies up in scott's valley. >> and movie they were seeing is "lincoln". power outage affecting businesses on highway 9 lasting three hours. and now, people are watching the clock waiting for that next round to hit. >> good night for movies. thank you very much. officials are reminding us stormy weather is a good time to get ready for rainy season. we're encouraged to have kits stocked with things including batteries, flashlights, extra batteries, a three-day supply of food and water for everyone in the family and a can opener. prepare the guidelines for stop lg -- stocking your emergency kit and developing a plan posted on abc 7
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this, is a good time to check it out. just go there, look under see it on tv. >> breaking news in oakland police looking for a teenager with autism missing from her care home since last night. her father tells us he believes she was rured by three boys. cheyenne's father says autism gives her mental capacity of about a 9-year-old. she lives at fred finch youth center a home for children with emotional and developmental disibility autos a teenager suspected in a deadly crime spree appeared in court today and did not enter a plea, remaining silent today, prosecutors read charges including murder and attempted murder of a police officer. prosecuters say he took part in four robberies, killed a person and injured an officer in a chuteout.
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a second suspect faces the same charges. he did not enter a plea last week. >> the man accused of impersonating a physician's assistant performing surgeries on unwitting patients came face-to-face with a man whose identity he's accused of stealing pretending to be carlos guzman. vic lee is live with the story. >> well, this was the second full day of the preliminary hearing. prosecutors are calling this case extremely disturbing and that it's fortunate no one died from procedures. suspect was using today in court prosecutors called the real physician assistant whose identity was stolen. this is a man prosecutors say posed as carlos guzman charged with a slew of counts including sex crimes and practicing medicine without a
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license. >> you've never met this man? >> never. never. >> never heard of him? >> no. >> never. >> this is a real carlos guzman. he lives in practices in fresno. authorities say the real name is close to his. carlos guzman garza. he faced a pan who stole his identity for the first time. prosecutors say he performed cosmetic surgeries on at least nine women from a small office in this building. one of them testified through an investigator that this office didn't have running water to wash hands. the stories have been ghastly. and one case, prosecutors say he was smoke a cigar while performing liposuction. >> he had her holding the iv and then, when he extracted fatty tissue he handed it over
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to her. >> the district attorney says he flushed six pounds of fat down her toilet. teld us about another woman. >> we had another case where there was an individual that was having some performing around the eyes to make ituuñh look younger. he took a needle, and the needle pro truded through the eye brow into the forehead. >> prosecutors say that woman got a leak from an incision that won't stop. >> she came back to try to get help. and he was actually helping her seal the wound with tissue paper and glue. >> the public defender told us accusers are lying. >> the testimony had been coming out are fictional and they're ill logical. importantly, they repeatedly sought and saw dr. guzman garza numerouppííz times for repeated services. and at sometime, some witnesses even socialized with him.
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>> the lawyer tells us that her client is a licensed medical doctor in mexico. he's being held on $1 million bail and also charged with sexually assaulting his patients. >> vic, thank you very much. >> two women pulled to safety from a burning camper by a stranger. their puppy saved as well. >> also1j a search for a suspect in an outrageous jewelry store heist. caught on video. police hope this video will help track them down. >> hard to believe. but it happened. a withdrawal from an atm that didn't dish out cash. >> small amount of money. it could be a life saving structure. >> helping his:"n home lnld. efforts by the author of "the
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real traffic mess today after a couple crushed cars fell off a flat bed closing three lanes of 880 and tying up traffic for hours. sky 7 hd over the highway near marina boulevard.bépy emergency crews worked to cleared roadway. two cars traveling on the freeway hit the crumpelled cars. good news is that no one was injured. with three of four lanes closed traffic was backed up for miles in the direction of hayward. traffic in that area is still heavy. skt chp advising drivers to try to use alternate routes.
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the freeway will likely have to be closed again this evening when an inspector checks the roadway for damage as a result. >> for the second time a school ploimy is being credited with saving lives from a burning vehicle. a school bus driver rescued a special needs child when the bus caught fire ged yed. today, quick actions of the grounds keeper saved three lives. abc 7 news has the story. >> the two women sleeping in the rv can thank an alert grounds keeper would saw flames from across the street at catherine smith's school. jesse hernandez rescued them. >> they're trying to escape. one of them severely burnt her hands and they were not able to get out, mr. hernandez pried or got that door open. and grabbed a garden hose and extinguished a certain amount of the fire. >> the captain says hernandez took a risk because there could have been a back draft as he opened the door. >> when picking up the hose,
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he phone shallly risked his life. that action could have saved iww spread together home autos the story doesn't end there. another life was saved8/4wñ. >> the two women rescued knew their 3-month-old pit bull was inside, found cowering in fear from the fire.bcc a firefighter from engine 16 went in and found her. you won't see video of jesse hernandez. he didn't want any praise for being a hero. >> definitely a hero for sure, we're proud of him. i was telling kids about this, they were excited for him. >> a school bus driver is also being hailed a hero, rescuing a special needs student yesterday. >> when the driver picks the child up, carrying her to the bench away from the fire, and then, went back to the bus trying to keep everybody away
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from the bus. so... she did her job today. >> no one plans to be a hero but it's nice to know they live among us when it could be life or death. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we want to show you something. we have new video of an armed robbery if a jewelry store in los gatos, police looking> yes. sandhya patel is in for spencer tonight. systems won't move as quickly. >> right.
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that iscjf5z a concern. they're slow moving. you add that rain with wet ground and it's not good. a live picture looks beautiful up there>já[ñq1 ñ. much more coming with next storm winter storm warning:?qn goesing up tomorrow, details on that in just a moment. right now i'll show you what it looks like. we have showers being picked up by our radar. fairfax is just ended. but dihave a tweet from a viewer who said it's been coming down light showers, looking at sierra nevada a mix of rain, snow, it's winding down with a storm that came through here, another storm coming up. temperatures now into 50s. and 60s.÷>+lq here are the highlights. next stormú1p=ñ is north, thurs, mid day. wet, windy friday, saturday. it's going to be stormy sunday
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morning so i want to show you the storms coming up. this next one here will bring rain. this is storm two. it's spreading south very slowly. between thursday and friday. storm three bringing wide spread wind and rain. saturday afternoon going into sunday morning. each one will add to rainfall totalssváso tonight, really a couple showers. a brief break in action. 5:00 a.m. for morning commute. light showers, north of santa rosa. then, that front will approach. at noon time, rain still is focused in the north bay. it becomes heavier as day progresses in the evening. right around santa rosa area. we see moisture beginning to approach the coastline. and then, it moves south and east. that is when we're expecting heavy rainfall. brief down pours expected with this storm.
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could see thunderstorms, showers continuing throughout saturday. no major break expected. next storm arrives saturday afternoon. and that one bring us another soaking so rainfall totals very impressive. up to eight ichblgs. this is through saturday at 9:00 a.m. that doesn't include next storm due saturday afternoon heading into sunday morning. north bay, two to six inches. rest of the bay area looking at one to two inches of rain. lake county and delta it covers sacramento and san joaquin valleys. this runs throughout the weekend. we're looking at urban flooô" this is probably going get issued as we go through the weekend. thursday at 4:00 p.m. 12-30 inches of new snow with those gusty winds. just carry chains if you're going to head up there.
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temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s. take your um grel brela was you. you'll likely need rain gear. mid-50s mid-60s for highs. it's not going to be bad tomorrow getting worse tomorrow night into friday. wet, windy friday. heavy rain saturday. going into sunday morning the stormiest time period we'll see a break monday of wednesday through next week. >> thank you. >> as we continue, how far would you drive for a chance at $550 million? >> next, californians hitting the road hoping
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a bay area man convicted of helping to kidnap a school bus school full of children more than 35 years ago will not be getting out of prison. this is the 13th time he's beensfsi rejected. they were convicted of kidnapping 26 children and the driver in 1976 holding them in
6:27 pm
a buried van.á-+vw until they managed to escape. richard showenfeld released in june. ÷ as bernie madoff of campaign treasurers is headed to prison. a judge sentenced her to eight years in prison today, she pledded guilty to defrauding clients of $7 million. including senator feinstein. >> let's change things up here. here is how far into the jackpot strat joe sphere the lottery prize has soared. peopledn driving from san diego to yuma just to buy a chance, a slim chance at winning $550 kblinl jackpot. the jackpot rolled over 16 times and officials say there is a 75% chance a winner will be picked tonight. that is a lot of money. >> they seem to be saying right things. complaints now coming out of congress about talks to avoid
6:28 pm
the fiscal cliff. >> staggering damage tally in new jersey from storm owr storm sandy.
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and good evening, once again. 34 days now until the so called fiscal cliff occurs. taxes will go upgv[; $2200 come january 1 ask both parties say they're open to compromise. the president says social media gets the message across. >> members of congress, write ask e mail. posted on the facebook walls. you can tweet it. using hash tag my 2 k. not y 2 k. my 2 k. >> one of the small business owners yesterday is the co-founder of oakland organic mushroom company called back to the roots. >> in washington, d.c. there is going to be-to-have to be things that are cut to provide stories for them to take back as proof.
6:32 pm
why this is important for small businesses to be the last things cut. they're the fabric of the country and economy. so want to stress that to them. how important this has been for us and others too. >> he admits the small business benefited from incentive programs. now they have 31 employees. >> new jersey governor says super storm sandy caused $37 billion in damage to his state saying 30,000 homes or businesses were destroyed or sustained damage. he's requesting $37 billion from the federal government. >> and a new un climate change report out says sea level could be prizing -- rising faster than thought. that is especially troubling for those of us living and working near the edge of the bay. and more on the flooding dangers that could be around the corner. >> at high tide this submerged
6:33 pm
staircase is an erie reminder of the inches separating dry land from water. in 2008 bay waters flooded streets and sidewalks like they did in twut. the united nationspfip level sea levels are rising faster than predicted. >> today's flood going to be tomorrow's high tides. and so we need to get ready for changes, a deeper bay. a bay with bigger waves and more7?s8$ frequent flooding. >> the bay conservation and development commission is in charge of making these maps showing areas in danger of flooding. but now, maybe sooner with models of the un report that now account for melting perma froth. >> san francisco water front
6:34 pm
will be the last parts of the bay shore to flood. regulators caution if walls aren't built along the bay area shore line, communities can line up underwater. >> communities like foster city. nearly all of it in danger of being underwater. >> therey$bh is going to be a lt of people displaced. it's expensive down here. >> if you think rain cancelsaaté flights now, the san francisco and oakland airports could be shutting down flooded runways. >> that is crazy. that would be shocking if that were to happen. planners say engineering projects not to be taken lightly. >> we should take time to do it right. but we probably need to move more quickly than we thought we did. >> if you've never seen those maps showing large areas around the bay it's something including both oakland and san
6:35 pm
francisco airports. you pit want to take a look. interesting. >> still ahead michael finney with a report you don't want to miss. >> i
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>> is the incident every atm user dread autos a man went to get cash. the amount was debited but the money was never delivered. >> good news is that this is rare, rare. bad news is that it happens. what would you do if it happened to you? that is what one man had to nóñ himself. >> thomas washington needed money to buy med tox treat diabetes. he went to atm at the neighborhood convenience store in oakland. >> i stuck my card in this machine here. and to withdraw some money. then, nothing come out. >> after that, he received a text from his servicer.
6:39 pm
$82.25 had been deducted from the prepaid card but he had no cash to show for it. >> i was furious because that was my last money for my medicine he called the 1-800-number that belonged to medii bank. the folks there told him to call the debit card company. he called. >> they tell me it takes 10 working days. i waited 10 working days and they still didn't give me my money he wall called net spend and was told woe have to wait until october 30th. >> i said why that long for my money? like that? they said that is the deadline date. so i got in touch with channel 7 on my side. >> net spend told us it followed law as outlined by the federal deposit insurrance corporation. regulation e gaifz bank 10 working days tobt resolve
6:40 pm
disputes but the clock doesn't start until the complaint is submitted in writing. thomas said he didn't know that. and medi says that was the delay. net spend decided to give thomas a pro visional credit. >> i felt better to get my money back. >> the debit card thomas used was issued by medi bank operating the atm. so 7 on your side talked to the medi bank president. brad hanson told us no one would lose money in an atm. systems are in place to track the money that goes in or out, quote, the bank stands behind the transaction all the way and the consume jer never out money. an investigation confirmed the story. the pro visional credit lifted and thomas got his money. >> yes. i appreciate channel 7 on your
6:41 pm
side. >> hobson says he doesn't know what caused the atm to short thomas. we should point out not all debit cards are backed up by the bank. if that is the case your transaction would not be protected by the regulations there. is a move to change these law autos there should be. thank autos still to come on abc news at 6:00 desperate times for millions of people in afghanistan. >> it's almost unimaginable how these people survive. >> the author of the
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the man who wrote the best selling book kite runner lives in the bay area, asking for help from homeless refugee ease wants to learn more about young people in afghanistan who have the same dreams and hope autos abc 7 news has the story. >> you're looking at video in afghanistan. these images of the foundation
6:45 pm
web site. he lives in san jose, he's known for his best selling book set in afghanistan "the kite runner" and thousands splendid sons. he spends freelug; time raising money to build shelters and provide educational opportunities and health care for women and children. the need is overwhelming after a po years of war. >> people are left homeless without jobs and food, access to clean water, education, health care. >> some resort to living thr ground to stay alive. >> there would be from 15-25 people living in the holes (@ as a quote, unquote, window. living there for two,dp three, three and a half months. winter in afghanistan is brutal. and freezing temperatures. and routes yeenly i would go about the sick, elderly and
6:46 pm
children they'reht%5 losing duo the cold thchl is one reason why the shelters that cost $2,000 for a family of six or seven people. it can be a life saving structure autos family gyni a kit and build the shelters themselves. window frames doors and beam autos so far the foundation raised enough money to build nearly 400 shelters to house 2300 people. his wife is helping afghan women who remain in refugee camp was a sewing program. they make jewelry. >> all of the income is reinvested in the lives of women in helping with food, jobs and medicines. >> dr. hoseni tapping into a young fan base.
6:47 pm
>> very letters saying that. >> i like to do something for afghanistan. >> he designedxxh a program called sos. student outreach for shelter. >> focus is reading and students can then partner with us and help us raise funds for shelters. >> i'm going to be helping out mr. hoseni anyway that i can. >> this student is passionate about his new fund raising drive to help homeless afghans. >> they have worked so hard. and all of a sudden war happens and they're pulled out. >> he is hoping that a lot more young people want to get involved and help homeless families and when they do, it will be a real live history lesson. >> i hope this works. and i hope we can change peoples lives. i hope we get a big part in
6:48 pm
rebuilding afghanistan. >> now, he will be speaking at the harker school friday. >> yes. the work is remarkable. we have information for you on abc 7 >> let's move on to talk about the weather. >> two morp storms coming up. live doppler 7 showing we do have showers up in the north bay. around marin county we're seeing light returns, dry l road taking you down to street level. you down to radar tracking wind advisory going up for lake county. thursday this friday, southeastern winds gusting 45 miles per hour. watch out for broken branches, and could see more power outyajz. we're concerned about the rain expected over next several
6:49 pm
days.zósz currently russian river above a foot there. is expected to riseezu rapidly. tomorrow afternoon highs temperatures mid-50s to mid-60s, rain in the north bay shifting south into night time hours going into friday. wet, windy. saturday afternoon sunday morning looks like the worst of the storm that will hit. we dry out monday through wednesday. >> thank you. >> big decision with 49er autos yes. >> this decision the new starting quarterback for the week, he's gone with a
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hairy beal is off. what a day. >> yes. >> got a choice. >> i've been saying now, he's
6:53 pm
healthy but not surprised if cappernick. surprise. >> rationale is that you've got two quarterback wez feel great about as starting quarterback. most earned exit deserve it, tip the scales collin. we believe has a hot hand. and we'll go with alex. for both our guys. >> alex hadn't played in two and a half weeks. saying never assume anything. but you take a chance with a young, unproven cappernick. the longer you keep alex on the side lines the rustier he becomes when you want to go back with him. >> alex has been fwrai. i mean, our relationship hasn't changed. he's helped me a lot. he helped me a lot last year
6:54 pm
going through our play book. how we're going to read different things and pro gregss and thing like that. so i mean, he's been a great help to get me to where i am now. >> alex is a class act all the way. that is what we'd suspect. and... be ready to go in and play. and contribute to the team. >> raider was good and bad news today, linebacker held out of practice because of an undisclosed issue that the coach would not elaborate on. he's on the roster but the good news, running back darren mcfadden back in practice for the fis time since spraining an ankle three days ago. >> feels like it's been longer thaint has but just going to see them in the huddle and see
6:55 pm
darren smiling. and hitting the hole, hard. just good. good for the team. also good with offense. >> baseball hall of fame ballot came out today with barry bonds and roger clemenses listed for the first time. 600 members will vote with the results being announced on january 9th. bonds all time home run champ. and this year's crop will be interesting. soza, 609 homers. voters will have to decide whether drug allegations will keem them out of coopers town. governing bodies of golf say they're not banning the valley putter and this is to propose rules to take affect in 2016 prohibiting golfers from anchoring putter while hitting
6:56 pm
a stroke. players have three months to push in two sets before the rule is approved. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. it will be interesting to watch. >> it will. >> raiders fans getting psyched for the thursday night game. >> check out this picture.yqaeo fans sent us of the brush with the raideretts this season. >> here they are in the stands enjoying the game. we're getting ready for raiders day december 6th broadcasting the game against foing to kick things off with a special pregame edition, then, game starts at 5:00. >> raider nation, we want to share your photos as well. you can e mail your favorites and we'll post them and show them during raiders day again, next thursday. >> good stuff. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then a helicopter flight and experimental
6:57 pm
technologies for medical transplants. a california man makes history. >> then at 11:00 government top secret plan to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon. it's coming up tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that is all for now. >> thanks for joining us.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a professor and education consultant from livingston, new jersey... a medical student from plano, texas... and our returning champion... an actor originally from oak park, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: thanks, johnny. recently, we had a multiple winner on "jeopardy!" who wound up winning a lot of mon and i believe over six games without ever coming up with a correct response in final jeopardy! lucas has ey, without coming up with a correct response. i don't know if he wants to emulate that previous champion, but we'll get some idea today.

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